LEANION is the only PPS system, known to us, which is based on the pull-principle and can be operated independently as a stand-alone system or as a supplement to existing ERP-systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Infor. As a subsystem, it complements the strategic systems and enables needs-based control throughout the entire production process. Depending on the industry, the current manufacturing method and the number of products, the modules are used purposefully. A lean and pragmatic solution for almost 30 years!

LEANION - for an efficient Production Planning


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Potential Analysis

Based on your real data, we calculate the potential savings by implementing a demand-oriented production control, taking into account the Kanban capability.

Line Design

This module supports you from the first idea to the design of the whole production process. The planning tool helps you to calculate capacities and to determine production intervals.

Production Planning

The production planning enables a detailed potential and pull capability analysis to finely control the entire production either based on autonomously maintained data or existing ERP systems.

Production Control

To ensure flow production, electronic KANBAN cards are used. In addition, suppliers and their systems can be easily integrated to guarantee the traceability of materials and batches throughout the entire production process.


The levelling module was developed especially for companies with serial and continuous production. Various advanced levelling algorithms allow you to simulate different variants and use the best option for your production planning.

Real Time Location and Control

Industry 4.0 and the IoT rely on the total networking of all production units and complete data transparency throughout the entire process. By detecting various objects indoor and outdoor, you can track the current state of the production to the second.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) represents the corporate philosophy of Toyota and is recognized worldwide. Already in the early 1920s the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyota, developed the first elements of today’s production system which is now known worldwide. Since then, topics such as flow production, one-piece flow, just-in-time or the Kanban-principle have become indispensable. The implementation of lean production systems allows manufacturing companies to tap enormous potentials, e.g. reduce inventory by at least 30% or reduce throughput times up to 90%. Unfortunately, many projects fail because the adaptability of ERP-systems to the requirements of lean structures and production control is lacking. Based on the principles of Lean Production according to the Toyota Production System, such as the pull-system and elimination of waste throughout the production process, we created our PPS Software LEANION.

The Toyota Production System

LEANION is available as desktop solution (online version coming soon)

LEANION is compatible with...

LEANION combined with a Realtime Location System

The manufacturing of the future – Industry 4.0 and IoT – relies on the total networking of all production units and complete data transparency throughout the entire process. Our real-time control module with location detects production lots, orders, transport container etc. at any time at any place, so that the production control can track the actual state of the production to the second.